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Shortzircutz ( Interview )

Find his latest release here: https://fanlink.to/Shortzircutz


How are you feeling after releasing “Lost” and what does it mean to you?

I feel really excited and a sense of great accomplishment after I’ve released a track mainly because I’m not like other artists that have a lot of free time to produce music. 

With a full time job, a business, and 2 kids, my production time is really sporadic and generally takes a long time to complete/release a track.  So when a track comes together it is something really special to me because it was against all odds I was able to get this far.  I was especially happy with how “Lost” turned out so I felt not only excited, but super motivated to work on the next.

How would you describe working with vocalist on “Lost”?

Darryl and I go back a long way so we have a great working relationship.  We have both been playing in our church’s semi-professional band for over 10 years.  So we’re not only are we great friends, but we also understand each other musically.  His lyrics and melody lines really compliment my chord structures, and vice versa.  Darryl is also a great songwriter where my strength is forming chord progressions, riffs, and the song structure around his ideas.  His voice is really unique, which gives us a distinct sound.  Darryl is also the frontman for a very successful local Indie band “The Stereo Division”.

What got you into music, and where does your love and passion for EDM come from?

I was trained as a classical pianist and was eventually formally certified as a performer and teacher.  I’m also an experienced thrash metal and rock guitar and bass player.  But something about electronic dance music even since the 90s  got my blood pumping more than any other kind of music.  I think it was the infinite range of sounds and textures that could be used to create moods and ambiences, and the theatrical nature of current EDM that really drew me into it.   It’s hard to explain in a few sentences, but there are similarities between classical, metal and EDM (especially drops and bangers), in terms of tonality, chord structures, rhythm and energy, so for me the transition to producing EDM felt natural.

Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?

As I mentioned above Darryl and I are Christians.  We don’t force our beliefs or moral ideals on anyone but we’ll always write music with the hopes that people will have a positive take-away from the tracks, whatever that is.

Are you planning to collaborate?

I love the idea of collabs with other artists, but there’s a few challenges that prevent me from doing so.  First is time, I usually work on stuff between 1 and 2:00am, and only some days.  Second, it’s hard to find other vocalists, for example, that have a full studio like Darryl where he can pump out pro-quality tracks on-request without much delay.

Music scene of my city:

I’m not really in tune with the music scene here in London, Ontario Canada, but I don’t think the club/raver scene here is big, even being a college town with a lot of young people.  I don’t even think there are a lot of EDM producers in town.  But we’re super proud to say that Loud Luxury, who have achieved commercial success, is from London, Ontario!

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